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General Leading Safety
Superior Ease of Use Reduced Cost of
    Your Advantages - Our Hei-lights
   .The PD series is self-priming and comes without
   any valves
, thus providing care-free operation

   .Analog and digital interfaces facilitate operation,
   e.g. by connecting the optional foot-pedal or
   PC software program

   .Use your valuable lab space efficiently and
   stack one pump drive on top of the other to
   build a space-saving two-layer system

   .Make your life easier and rely on the accurate
   liquid delivery as low as 0.005 ml/min

.Use a single-channel pump head and upgrade
your model to multi-channel operation in just
minutes with a different pump head

.Our standard single-channel models take
up to 2 pump heads at a time, thus
doubling your throughput

.Our clear and self-explanatory front panel
layout is for your ease of operation