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General Leading Safety
Superior Ease of Use Reduced Cost of
    Your Advantages - Our Hei-lights
   .Important for continuous unattended operation:
   the motor will be switched off if a high thermal
   load situation occurs to increase safety in your
   lab and to prevent accidents

   .Additional safety is provided by sparkless motors
   which reduce incidents such as fires in
   volatile environments

   .All models feature a smooth start operation that
   prevents spilling and splashing of media.
   The speed will ramp up slowly until your
   set rpm has been reached

.Protection class IP 55 protects your unit from
highly aggressive vapors or liquids - and thus
eliminates accidents, short-circuits and failures

.Use an optional foot-pedal remote control via
cable to start and stop your pump drive outside a
closed fume hood increasing your personal safety

.The pumped media remains in the tubing and never
comes in contact with you - keeping you and
your application safe