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General Leading Safety
Superior Ease of Use Reduced Cost of
    Hei-FLOW Peristaltic Pumps
   The Heidolph peristaltic pumps of the Hei-FLOW
   series are perfectly designed for precise
   dosing and dispensing of aggressive,
   corrosive or even sterile media.

   Our dosing pumps guarantee a high degree of safety,
   convenience and cost savings. The motor of our
   metering pumps will be switched off if a high
   thermal load situation occurs to preventively
   avoid accidents.

   You are able to achieve high precision with our
   hose pump, even for flow rates starting at
   0.005 ml/min. The sealed housing protects your
   dosing pump from aggressive fumes, liquids and
   vapors to prevent internal corrosion and thus
   reduces the maintenance costs of
   your laboratory pump.

   Optional foot-pedal remote control via cable to
   operate pump drive outside a closed fume hood.

According to your individual application you are
given the opportunity to choose from single-channel
pumps and multi-channel pumps as well as from
different single-channel pump heads or
multi-channel pump heads.

Our metering pump features a smooth start operation
which prevents spills and splashing media.
Heidolph hose pumps include all standard features
for safety, ease of use and reduced cost of ownership.

The motor of our roller pumps will be switched off
if a high thermal load situation occurs to
preventively avoid accidents.

A Heidolph lab pump is self-priming and comes
without any valves providing care-free operation.

Make your life easier and rely on the accurate
liquid delivery of our roller pump
as low as 0.0005 ml/min.

If you are doing specialized applications such as
cell biology choose one of our laboratory pumps.