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General Leading Safety
Superior Ease of Use Reduced Cost of
    Your Advantages - our Hei-lights
   .Increase your sample throughput and reduce
   your process times with the modular system for
   shaking, mixing and heating - all in one

   .Are you working with heat-sensitive samples?
   Platform shakers come with an insulated system
   to prevent any heat transfer from the motor that
   could cause potential thermal damage to your
   sample. This saves you time and money

.Maintenance-free motors reduce repairs and
down times significantly to ensure years of
continuous operation backed by the Heidolph
3-year warranty

.The sealed housing on many models protects
your shaker from aggressive fumes, liquids
and vapors to prevent internal corrosion.
This results in an increased lifespan of
10 years on average at reduced maintenance
and repair costs