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Superior Ease of Use Reduced Cost of
    Your Advantages - our Hei-lights
   .Your work requires multiple shaking motions and
   flask sizes? A large range of shakers and load
   capacities - from test tube shakers to large
   multi-tier platform shakers - serves your needs
   while making your life easy with one brand

   .We offer selected accessories and attachments
   specific to each model that best matches your
   application needs

   .Choose from 6 specific motions, from one to
   three dimensional movements: vibrating, orbital,
   reciprocating, rocking, wave and overhead rotation
.Within one specific shaking motion, you can
even choose different shaking orbits and angles
to differentiate between soft or rigid shaking

.Choose from three different load capacities of
2, 5, or 10 kg depending on model to save bench
space or forhigh sample throughput