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    Hei-TORQUE Overhead Stirrers

   The Heidolph overhead stirrers of the Hei-TORQUE
   series are perfectly designed for powerful stirring,
   in order to achieve best mixing results even for
   very challenging applications.

   Electronic lab stirrers are ideal for any demanding
   overhead stirring task in which the viscosity varies
   during the entire process either through reaction or
   due to mixing. Laboratory stirrers maintain
   exact speed under changing load. The displayed
   torque gives information relating to the actual
   viscosity & all results are reproducible. Our
   stirrer maintains exact speed under changing load.

   If you decide on our overhead mixers additional
   safety is provided by sparkless motors which
   reduce incidents in a volatile environment.

   The speed of our lab agitator is adjustable over a
   large scale from 10-2,000 rpm.

   Sealed housing of our overhead agitator complies
   with the high protection class IP 54 an guarantees
   longevity and maintenance-free 24 hour operation
   in aggressive environment.

Our lab stirrers stand for longevity in challenging
Environments and for powerful stirring at minimum noise
level - below 50 db.

A Heidolph laboratory agitator represents outstanding
mixing results.

Choose one of our overhead agitators for any demanding
stirring task. Our laboratory agitators line includes
all standard features for safety, ease of use and
reduced cost of ownership.

The powerful laboratory mixers of the Hei-TORQUE series
can accomplish the most demanding tasks while providing
the highest safety and increased performance life.
Our overhead stirrer comes with the highest torque
in its class yielding 1st class results.

The laboratory stirrers of the Hei-TORQUE series
features a high torque level of up to 400 Ncm and
a number of unique features like a Quick-Chuck and
a slide touch panel.