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General Leading Safety
Superior Ease of Use Reduced Cost of
    Superior Ease of Use
   .All units with digital display allow for easy
   setting and monitoring values on the
   illuminated readout

   .You can even work with dry ice - a robust
   thermal insulation prevents corrosion inside
   the housing by preventing condensate from
   collecting and dripping on any
   electronic components

   .An optional software program is available for
   the MR Hei-End to aid you in automating your
   process, and saves all data in electronic files
.The unique Kera-Disk® coating is extremely
chemical-resistant and scratch-proof and
can be cleaned easily if solvents, oil or
other contaminations are spilled on the plate
.The chemically resistant Kera-Disk® hot plate
allows for immediate heat transfer resulting
in quick heat-up times
.The strong magnetic field allows for easy
stirring of even higher viscosity media
.In case the heating function fails,stirring will not
be discontinued to avoid thermal damage to your sample