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General Leading Safety
Superior Ease of Use Reduced Cost of
    Leading Safety Standards
   .To prevent accidents or laboratory fires, all
   magnetic stirrers feature an overtemperature
   circuit which switches off the hotplate if an
   overtemperature situation occurs

   .In combination with Heat-On attachments you
   can convert your lab into a "safety zone"

   .Even if the stirrer is exposed to the highest
   temperatures, damage is categorically
   ruled out - all models come with a
   fire-resistant aluminum die-cast housing

   .Hotplate residual heat indicator in the
   digital display of the MR Hei-End is illuminated
   when unit is turned off and hotplate temperature
   is above 50 °C to warn operator of
   potential burn hazards
.For your safety, the unit will power off in case
of a short-circuit, a damage to the temperature
sensor, a motor failure or other incidences
during operation

.To protect you from splashes and scalding from
bath media, rotation speed ramps up slowly until
unit has reached the pre-programmed speed

.In case the heating function fails, stirring
will not be discontinued to avoid
thermal damage to your sample

.A separate on/off switch for heating prevents
an unintentional heat-up. If heating is
switched on, the on/off button is illuminated
for visual control