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General Leading Safety
Superior Ease of Use Reduced Cost of
    Reduced Cost of Ownership
   .Universal heating bath for water or other bath
   fluids allows for temperature settings up to 180°C

   .Utilize the pre-heating option for your bath &
   start your application without any loss of time
   acuum valve, vacuum controller and vacuum sensor

   .The water bath refill system allows you to step
   away from your evaporator at any moment & reduce
   your supervision responsibility to zero for baths
   that run dry or overheat

   .No hidden cost: all components to control vacuum
   are included as a standard. This includes vacuum
   valve, vacuum controller and vacuum sensor

.AUTOaccurate-evaporations drive your solution to
a variable quantity or dryness, then shut off vacuum,
heating bath, rotation settings and ventilate system
to give you semi-automated capabilities with
significant cost savings
.Spend your working hours more effectively on
on other challenges which require your attention &
evaporate large quantities continuously with the
automatic module Hei-VAP Industrial Distimatic

.Maximize your initial investment significantly: the
automatic module Hei-VAP Industrial Distimatic is an
affordable and more flexible alternative to
common 50 or 100-liter evaporators