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General Leading Safety
Superior Ease of Use Reduced Cost of
    Superior Ease of Use
   .A state of the art glass covered touch panel
   allows for easy operation
   .No hassle evaporating flask change out
   due to Easy Clamp flask attachment
   .Illuminated bath and evaporation flask allows for
   superior visual control
   .Integrated heating coils guarantee the most
   convenient and fastest cleaning of the bath
   .Receiver cassettes guard against glassware
   breakagewhile providing a self-standing flask support
   &quick removal of receiving vessels
   .Save time with ur individualized pre-programmed
   to parameter settingsof vacuum and temperature
   gradients for your most common application on a daily
   basis by saving it as a ramp in memory
   .Reduce your process times by using the exclusive
   AUTOaccurate program which automates your
   distillation using a vapor temperature system that
   takes the guesswork out of finding the correct
   vacuum setting every time
   .No hassle and safety concern due to low fluid levels:
   self-filling water bath takes the worry out of running
.Receiving flasks feature reinforced bottom drain
valves as standard and are protected by cassettes
.To prevent steam from building up within the guard
hood, two strong blowers effectively ventilate the
entire area to give you a clear view of the
evaporating flask
.Now you can manage even the most demanding
applications easily and eliminate foaming,
excessive bubbling or bumping of solutions
.The automatic process timer turns off your
evaporation at a pre-programmed time
.The optional automatic module Hei-VAP Industrial
Distimatic allows for continuous and unattended
automatic operations
.Optional Base Cart provides you with a fully-
maneuverable rotary evaporator while offering a
storage space for vacuum pump, glassware, solvents
or accessories
.Benefit from the LAN and USB interface to save
all process data in a digital file