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General Leading Safety
Superior Ease of Use Reduced Cost of
    Leading Safety Standards
   .Newly designed Easy-Clamp flask attachement
   allows for safe flask change
   .New Emergency off switch brings the entire
    unit to a complete stop
   .To promote a safe use of the Hei-VAP Industrial
   evaporator the interface panel not only has all
   parameters for operation but also 5 key safety
   functions that require operator action prior
    to resuming process

   .Features water level regulation systemto
   prevent water spilling over bath and potentially
   flooding your lab
   .Safety sensor stops rotation if bath guard-
    hood is opened during operation thus
   providing user safety
   .A temperature sensor powers off the bath
   in case of any uncontrolled heat-up

.To effectively prevent accidents while monitoring
parameters the speed, bath temperature and vacuum
setting must beconfirmed on separate on/off
buttons in order to start operation

.Automatic Safety cut-off in an overpressure
caused by glassware breakage or
defective vacuum circuit
.Receiving cassette system protects glassware
while providing superior flask support. Easy
access to receiving cassettes via two latching
high-impact transparent PMMA doors
.Ultimate safety is provided with the Hei-VAP
Industrial S model which comes standard with:
a guard hood consisting of a metal frame and ESG
rated safety glass completely covering the bath.
This prevents any operator contact with steam,
splashing bath fluid and splinters of glass in case
of implosion
.Excellent user safety is achieved by a
transparent high impact PMMA door on a metal
condenser housing covering the main glassware

IQ-OQ Documentation & Certification
    IO-OQ Documentation for Hei-VAP Industrial S
    & Hei-VAP Industrial - includes technical drawing,
    spare part lists, circuit diagrams, manufacturer
    certification and calibration certificates
    P/N 01-001-015-52

    IQ-OQ Execution for Hei-VAP Industrial S &
    Hei-VAP Industrial
    P/N 01-001-015-53