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General Leading Safety
Superior Ease of Use Reduced Cost of
    Leading Safety Standards
   .Two independent safety circuits avoid an
    overheat situation of your heating bath: If bath
   temperature overshoots by 5 °C and if your water
   bath runs dry, heating will be switched off
   .To avoid an overtemperature situation & potential
   thermal damage to your sample, you can individually
   pre-program a maximum temperature on the Precision
   model, at which the bath shuts off

   .In case of a power cut, all motor lift models will
   remove the flask from the heating bath preventing
   safety hazards and potential thermal damage to
   your sample

   .To protect you from splashes and scalding,
   the Hei-VAP heating bath features a pour spout
   to remove bath fluid safely

   .Heating bath is constructed with a double wall
   for your protection against burns and scalding

   .The guard hood covers the entire bath
   completely even if the heating bath is adjusted
   horizontally to its most extreme limit

   .A metal support between the heating bath
    and the base unit prevents bath instability
.To protect your heating bath against short-
circuits and systematic corrosion, the cable
coupling complies with the high protection class IP 67

.For your protection, the operating panel is located
near the base so as to keep your hands out of the
angerous zone of rotating flasks, steam and slashing
bath fluids

.All heating baths feature non-slip handles with
safety grip to protect you from scalding bath liquids
and allow for easy installation/removal of the bath

.A separate on/off switch for heating prevents an
unintenional heat-up. If heating is switched on the
on/off button is illuminated for visual control

.In case of an overshoot of any parameter setting,
all models will show a warning on the operating panel

.Glassware assemblies are optionally available with
transparent plastic safety coating ensuring ultimate
protection while allowing visual control at all times

. IQ-OQ documentation is available for Hei-VAP
models on request

IQ-OQ Documentation & Certification

                                                         IO-OQ Documentation for Hei-VAP models P/N 01-001-015-58
                                                         IQ-OQ Execution for Hei-VAP models 01-001-015-60

.Only the Hei-VAP heating bath reaches a
    temperature of 210 °C
.The universal heating bath can even accommodate
    5-liter flasks
.The heating bath can be adjusted horizontally
    up to 200 mm
.To prevent short circuits and corrosion, the
    electrical cable coupling complies with the high
     protection class IP 67
.Non-slip handles for safe transportation
    eliminate the risk of scalding
.An integrated pour spout to remove bath fluid safely